As a group of friends and musicians, Os Jarbanzos have been travelling Europe and Russia since 1994. They started as a small acoustical band playing the big drum, gaita (Spanish bagpipes) and recorder. With every new band member added and country visited, new melodies and instruments coloured their repertoire. Describing their music is not an easy task, for the band is inspired by a very diverse range of music types: from freaky jazz to crazy punk, from the traditional Celtic Galician instruments to the music of the Balkan. Now the Jarbanzos are part of the KRAN troupe, bringing in their creativity and personalities as KRAN's circus band.

Os Jarbanzos are:
Vias Aboal (Galicia E), Paco Castellon (E), Tanja Haupt (D), Nacho Lopez (Galicia E), Marrajo Royo (E), Uli Weigel (D).


Get a taste of them!

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